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LAURA NERI (Writer/ Director)
Laura Neri was born in Belgium of a Greek mother and an Italian father, which meant she had to learn three languages by the time she was four. She got her BA with Honours in Film Analysis and Screenwriting at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where 2-times Palme d’Or winner Luc Dardenne was her teacher and thesis mentor. She then got an MFA in Film Production at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, the number one film school in the USA, where she was the recipient of a grant by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. She was also selected by USC to receive a full scholarship for two years.

She has written and directed several short films which have screened at festivals worldwide, including "A Kiss on the Nose” which was screened at more than 50 festivals and won over 15 awards. The film can now be seen on Rete 4 in Italy, SiTV in the US, United Airlines flights and on MiniMovies. Her short film “Fighting Auditions” was nominated for Best Actress at the AOF film festival and can now be seen online, while her feature documentary “Ethnic Jewelry”, filmed at the Lalaounis Museum in Athens, was sent to the Museum of Salonica to be screened as a complement to the jewelry exhibition.

She was recently approached by KTLA 5 to be featured on their website as part of their "INDIE PROFILE" series, featuring the most promising independent filmmakers of today.

“Kill the Habit”, which she wrote, produced and directed in the space of 10 months, is her first feature film.

She is represented by In Cahoots Management.
Born and raised in Siena, Italy, Linda graduated with a BA in Film Theory from the University of Bologna, Italy, and completed her post-graduate studies in Film, TV and Digital Media Production at University of California Los Angeles. During her time in Bologna, she co-funded Associazione Culturale Victor, a non-profit organization established in 1997 with the aim of supporting quality ci-nema production. Since its inception, the organization has taken part in the realization of various award-winning short films and documentaries, both independently and in cooperation with broadcasters such as RaiSat, and with private and public European organizations. While finishing her studies at UCLA, she worked on several short films, including the award winning “A Kiss on the Nose”, which she co-produced.

In the last four years, Linda has been training with prolific Hollywood producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura at his Paramount-based production company di Bonaventura Pictures, and working on such projects as “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “G.I. Joe”, “Transformers”, “1408” and “Shooter”, among others. She worked as an associate producer on the upcoming features "Salt" (with Angelina Jolie) and "Red" (with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman).
JANEEN M. LEVIN (Producer)
ForSight Films' founder Janeen M. Levin left more than a decade of success in the world of Internet production to try her hand at film production. She has assembled a team of professionals from every aspect of filmmaking to produce the best possible quality films.

To reintegrate creativity into her career, she leapt from technology production to film production in early 2006. Her beginnings were humble - working at a production office as an intern and learning the ins-and-outs of the business end of the film industry. She has also worked on several film sets in various capacities, enabling her to experience and understand the physical aspects of creating a film, while learning about the roles of all the other crew members.

"Kill The Habit" is Ms. Levin's first feature film. She now works for a digital entertainment company based in the Silicon Valley, while continuing to pursue work in film.
GAVIN KELLY (Director of Photography)
Gavin Kelly is an award-winning director of photography who has lensed a wide spectrum of narrative features and shorts (including “A Kiss on the Nose”, for which he was awarded Best Cinematography at the Quintus Montreal Film Festival 2005), music videos, commercials, documentaries and television projects. His extensive background in visual arts, music, and film has helped him become a distinctive, dynamic visual collaborator.

While in undergraduate studies in Visual Arts at U.C.S.D., Gavin was awarded two Student Emmys for his films. Gavin went on to receive an M.F.A. in film production at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 2004. In 2005 Gavin received the prestigious A.S.C. Charles B. Lang Heritage Award for Outstanding Cinematography, Honourable Mention, from the American Society of Cinematographers, a distinction that celebrates rising new talent in cinematography.

Besides “West Bank Story”, which won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Live Action short, Gavin's recent credits include the feature film “All The Days Before Tomorrow”, with Shaft star Richard Roundtree, “Little Fish, Strange Pond”, with Matthew Modine and Adam Baldwin, "Play the Game", starring Andy Griffith and Paul Campbell, "Wake", starring Bijou Phillips, Danny Masterson and Jane Seymour, and "The Dry Land", premiering this January at Sundance. Gavin has just wrapped shooting on "Hollywood Untitled", starring Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius.
ALDO SHLLAKU (Producer/ Composer)
Aldo Shllaku was born into an artistic family in Albania, where he started to study music at the age of 6. Upon graduation in Music Composition at the University of Montreal, he then completed USC's prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television graduate program, where he was presented with the department's highest honour, the Harry Warren Award.

Working in Los Angeles, Aldo has enjoyed the mentorship of leading film composers such as Golden Globe Nominee Christopher Young and two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe Recipient Leonard Rosenman. He's written music for feature films, documentary, commercials and TV and was given the Gold Medal for Excellence for his original music of "Trespassing" at the Park City Film Music Festival, 2006.

Aldo is best known for his ability to create a music score that is distinct in both colour and character. Always willing to explore new techniques, he continues to meet the challenge of augmenting films's storylines with his original music.
Born in Rammstein, Germany, Corey Ziemniak got his MFA in Film Production at the University of Southern California, where he at first specialized in the camera department.

Soon after, he redirected his attention to editing and has since worked on many projects, including the award-winning feature film “Something is Killing Tate.” His most recent credits include the TV shows "The Bachelorette" and "The Cougar".
RAMSEY MELLETTE (Production Sound Mixer)
Ramsey Mellette hails from Denver, Colorado. He holds an MFA from the University of California. Notable Production Sound Mixing credits include The National Geographic Channel's "Science of Gigantism, Science of Dwarfism, Science of Obesity, Science of Conjoined Twins" and Bravo's hit, "Flippin' Out." He also mixed sound on the feature film "Think Tank" from the producers of Napoleon Dynamite. He continues to work on many films and television shows in Los Angeles.
Ramjasha has worked in entertainment since the mid 90’s, when as an actor he made numerous appearances on network television and performed with and marketed for an international traveling stage show. He later made the move from Texas to Hollywood and stepped behind the camera and quickly worked his way up to production management. He Line Produced a series of medical films for UCLA sponsored by the Government then as 2nd Unit Production Supervisor of the successful sequel “Underworld: Evolution”, he managed union crews and kept the post-production shoot on a tight leash.

Because of his leadership skills, coordinative talents, and the relationships that he has fostered with his crews, he is often called in to “clean up” flailing projects. He often claims that he is always "Doing the best for your projects". In addition to film management, he has coordinated network specials featuring top-notch performers and produced and consulted on commercials and music videos.

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