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Director's Statement
This project began as one of those vivid dreams where it feels like you're watching a gripping movie, so the second I woke up, I started frenetically writing what I felt was a great script. As it turned out, the dream represented the first 20 pages of “Kill the Habit”.

The character of the somewhat lost Galia was the first to appear, quickly followed by the fiery and totally uninhibited Latina Cardamosa. Level-headed Sotiria emerged later, as a moderating element.

Cardamosa is the embodiment of self-confidence and selfishness pushed to the extreme. She is an absolutely amoral character, yet she remains likeable, because she exudes an undeniable charm. Sotiria, on the other hand, is the voice of reason and the most moral character in the film. I found it interesting for Galia’s personality to be torn between these two extremes – she is the one character who is still trying to define herself, and who evolves the most throughout the film.

“Kill the Habit” is a funny and entertaining story, yet it has a strong message at its core against discrimination and stereotypes.

Currently, I find that there is a lack of films where women are the main characters, yet which do not rely on stereotypical roles such as we keep seeing in family oriented movies or romantic comedies.

I, for one, have long wanted to see more movies in which real, strong, and acutely individual women are portrayed – so I made the kind of film I would like to see in theaters.

-Laura Neri, Writer/ Director

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